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Kpop Dance Festival Wbfs anatpris




, abbie, riku, sara, sangmin, exo, pink, sindi, lil’ kim, jungkook, teddy, balckkru, yoona and minho just to name a few..songs that make you feel like dancing after watching them..or atleast me.. [If you are not in the japanese culture and cant understand the reference/referance just click to the last song in the list] Main Theme of Kim Gura “Tumbling” Based on the film “The Wrestler” (2008) and the theme song of “The Wrestler” written by country singer R.E.M. members Michael Stipe and Mike Mills. R.E.M. has a top 10 hit “Shiny Happy People” and “Ichiban” which is used for the opening theme of “The Wrestler”. Park Kyung: Kim Gura and other rappers have a track “ooh-boy” which is inspired by the lyrics of “Shiny Happy People” (R.E.M. song), Kim Gura and other rappers decided to make this song for movie theme song, mainly due to their friendship. R.E.M. said they like “Kim Gura” and “S.E.S” to them so they asked if they can perform it in concert in Asia and R.E.M said “We will do it for you!”. So the songs are the first and the second official songs of S.E.S in Asia. The music video is really funny because it has scenes of the band playing in their own room and dancing in the streets. The real acting is a really funny show. Their style is rather unique but actually very familiar for those who have seen the film or read the book. “Koo Koo”, which was re-written by B.A.P’s chul (Jang Gyu Wan) and Park Jae Joon (who wrote “Ichiban” and “Shiny Happy People” for R.E.M.), was released on the film’s soundtrack. In Japan and Korea, “Tumbling” was used as a TV theme song for “Just Shoot




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Kpop Dance Festival Wbfs anatpris

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